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Lineo XL

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Linéo Hexagon Electric Pool Brush for deep cleaning.

The Linéo XL Hexagon motorized brush for cleaning the surroundings of public swimming pools is compact, easy to handle, and has a 12/24 volt battery.
The Linéo XL Brush is rotated by a sealed motor and allows to clean the line of ea u and the parts difficult to access. Comes with a 2 kg battery. Autonomy 1h to 2h. Perfect for the air/water line, toilet, stairs, windows, showers and the exterior of mobile homes. Power 40 w. Weight 2.3 kg. Telescopic handle 250-500 cm.

- Linéo XL Hexagon is a complete electric brush for cleaning the surroundings of collective pools. 
Professional equipment, the chassis of the Linéo XL is made of stainless steel. Compact, it is easy to handle. With its waterproof motor, it is perfect for the air/water line, toilet, stairs, windows, showers ...

- The Linéo XL Hexagon is a professional equipment for mechanical cleaning that allows to maintain the walls of swimming pools, even when they are open to the public. Perfect for the air/water line, it will be ideal for cleaning toilets, stairs, windows, showers ...
Air/water lines must remain clean. Regular cleaning of water lines and chutes will help anticipate fat deposits and other dirt.
- Supplied with a battery charger, the Lineo cleaner electric brush has an autonomy of 1h30 for an efficiency of 205m² / h. The 70° adjustable brush and its telescopic handle from 250 to 500 cm, will make it possible to reach without difficulty the hard-to-reach parts as well as every corner. Secure, the Lineo electric brush has a 2 kg marine battery that guarantees its tightness. 
Compact, it is easy to handle. Its pad brush rotates thanks to the motor, specially designed for chlorinated water.   

Small waterproof mono-brush on battery
Crushes and makes it shine
Ideal air/water line, shutter, chutes ..

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